VOGUE WEEK 2019 GLOW 10/30-11/6

Lead by Lucy Lynch , Photographed by Splattered Silhouettes, Created by Max Jacobson

A Message from Max



During the 2016 Elements shoot, Creator of Vogue Week, Max J explained:  "Someone asked me today why do you do Vogue Week and here is why if you were wondering:  being in the environment we live in today it's hard to not be judged in some sort of way. Someone could call you fat, ugly, or a loser and it really does hurt. So in sixth grade someone told me I was a useless piece of diabetic trash and my weight shows it. I did nothing but think little of myself for such a long time and considered if these hateful words were true. So the Wednesday before Halloween I decided to make a whole week of taking beautiful pictures of me and all of my friends and posting them for the world to see the comments people make are truly worthless compared to the beauty all of us really have. I have truly enjoyed doing this this last couple of years and hope to do it many more years to come. Please show your vogue in this next week and thanks to all"- Max J